iPhone Ideas Come to Live

Many of our customers have had ideas for great iPhone applications or wanted to convert their web applications to be iPhone accessible. But it is often very hard to find competent developers that charge fair prices and can deliver a quality product on time.

The demand for iPhone developers exceeds the supply and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Sometimes charges are over $100 or even $200 per hours for a mediocre developer. Developers often fall like vultures over new technologies and try to rip off the early adapters by charging ridicules prices for their services. We believe this is very counterproductive because it does not create long-term relationships with customers. We believe it is more beneficial to give customer fair deals for quality product that allow them to reach their goals and get a return of investment.  This way the customer becomes loyal the re relationship becomes a long-term win-win situation.

So what do you do if you have a great idea for an iPhone application, but don't have a budget of tens of thousands of dollars to fund the project? Get connected with a company like us to make it happen for you with a fair deal.  We are experts and can develop iPhone applications with much lower risk than bringing in less experienced talent or farming the work out to some one man show.
If you believe in your iPhone application idea passionately, than contact us and we work out conditions you can afford.