Why Malaysia is a good choice to locate your Asian Pacific Branch or headquarters?

Malaysia offers the best of all worlds to companies who are looking to setup shared services center or to outsourcing their services or manufacturing in Asia. Kuala Lumpur, also generally referred to as KL, is a modern, bustling, cosmopolitan capital city. Major business buildings and business centers can be found in the KL city as well as other satellite cities.

The country's economy has been experiencing steady growth of 5.5% per annum, with an low inflation rate of 3.2%. The country has a strong economic growth, sustained by private sector demand and strong economic growth in global and regional economies. Malaysia's corporate tax today is 28%, one of the lowest in the region.

Malaysia is located near the Equator hence we enjoy a year-round tropical climate. It does not suffer from any natural disaster such as earthquakes, volcano, or tornados. In the 2006 Environmental Performance Index, Malaysia was ranked 9th in 6 established policy categories: environmental health, air quality, water resources, bio-diversity and habitat, productive natural resources, and sustainable energy.

Literacy levels in Malaysia is at 94%. School graduates entering the job market with at least eleven (11) years of basic education. Labor productivity has grown steadily at more than 3.3% per annum over the last few years surpassing that of many countries.

Malaysia has a youthful workforce, 70% of the labor force is below the age of 35.  The Majority of the Malaysian workforce has sound industries knowledge (e.g. Finance, Logistics, Utilities, Manufacturing, etc.).

These are just some of the benefits Malaysia offers. In general Malaysia offers a progressive and hospitable environment that is politically stable and has consistent economic growth.

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