Strategic Webdesign at DMNI

So you’re looking at improving your website, possibly even completely redesigning it? Where should you start?

An informative and visually intriguing website is one of the most important marketing and lead-generating tools in today’s world. Understanding the importance of strategic web development and design, we work with clients to create custom sites that succinctly communicate their unique value proposition.

When building a website, it’s highly important that you have a strategy in mind. A strategy that guides the web design process to efficiency and meeting the website goals. This means the web design strategy is aligned with the way you communicating with clients, and the manner of transmitting the company message to clients. In other words, making your website look good must not conflict with the website purpose and objectives.

Assumptions are very dangerous and can lead to disastrous results when planning a web strategy. At DMNI we start with gathering accurate data that allows us to validate or dispel assumptions of how people will be using your site. This is why DMNI does not offer packages but instead is treating each project individually with a targeted a plan that works to achieve your goals.

How are we accomplish this?

Kick-Off & Discovery

The DMNI team hosts an initial meeting with the client to discuss the scope of the project, including platforms and channels, goals, target audience, existing brand strategies, and more. In this call, the digital strategist will gather the necessary information to conduct in-depth competitor research and complete a comprehensive digital strategy.

Digital Strategy

After the discovery call, we utilize the brand strategy document that was completed in the discovery to build a customized digital strategy. Each strategy is personalized, depending on the client’s goals, target audience, and the improvements that a website or app needs in order to be successful.

Information Architecture

If there is a existing website, the DMNI teams will document the existing features and functionalities. This information will be used to create a new and improved user experience, documenting all elements for designers and developers and ensuring they are reflected in later stages.

Design Mock-up’s

After the website goals and overall user experience is determine, designers will create mock-up’s which are essentially blueprints of a website that outline the structure. After design mock-up’s are created, web designers will add colours, logos, and branding elements to create a static image-like design of what the web pages will look like to the user.


After the designs are approved, we move into the development stage. In this phase the developers will create the interface which customers will see.

Quality Assurance

Throughout the development process and before the website goes live, the DMNI team will test every facet of the website to ensure it functions properly and matches the original designs that were approved by the client.

Launch & Optimization

Once the new website is tested and approved it will be pushed live to the public. However, the work doesn’t stop there.
The DMNI team will continue to monitor its performance and security, optimizing whenever possible to maximize results.


After the Launch DMNI will move into the Digital Marketing phase that includes detailed Search Engine Optimisation to ensure the site loads fast and is using every possible trick to ensure the search engines love your new site as much as your customers.